Cisco Certified Network Professional – Enterprise (CCNP – Enterprise)

The Cisco Certified Network Professional – Enterprise (CCNP – Enterprise) course prepares students for the Cisco ENCOR and ENARSI exams as well as prepares students for a career as a Cisco Network Engineer. On average a Cisco Network Engineer makes $80,000 annually but can make up to as high as $160,000 annually. During the program students will get a full understanding of what it takes to become a Cisco Network Engineer learning both theory and technical skills needed for the position. Students will learn about Cisco Enterprise Network Architecture, Understanding Virtual Private Networks and Interfaces, Using Network Analysis Tools, OSPF, MLPS, and more. The core program covers the following industry certifications CISCO CCNP (ENARSI), and CISCO CCNP (ENCOR).


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3 Months

Program Courses

Cisco CCNP Enterprise Network Core Tech (ENCOR)
Cisco CCNP Enterprise Advanced Routing & Services (ENARSI)